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The Full Story


Ernest Cartier Sr started Cartier Optical in 1972.  He was an outgoing, wonderful optician who truly mastered his craft.   He passed his skills down to his son Ernie Cartier Jr.  who has been a part of the business since he was 16 years old.  Like his father Ernie takes great care with his occupation and will often be able to accomplish tasks others in his field can not.  He was joined by his wife and business partner Pam Cartier who handles the curating and styling of the store as well as managing day to day operations.  Together they grew the business for years and thrived.  Their son Eric has also picked up the mantle of optician.  With a background in Economics he has expanded the reach of Cartier Optical by spearheading the opening of a second location in Niantic.


Provide the best optical experience, both in product and service.  It may be a simple mission but it is one we take very seriously


We see our number one job as improving the life of everyone we serve.  We want to grow and expand our ability to serve the shoreline 

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